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    Randoms Creating Channels?

    In my friends' and my TS3 server, we have it set so that the server group "Guest" is default if you're a random and join. We want to make it a 24/7 server, so we're finalizing all the permissions, but the one thing we can't get is to prevent randoms from creating channels. I took away my admin permissions and I could still make channels, despite the fact that under "Permissions > Server Groups > Guest" the "Manage Channels" button is unchecked. If anyone could find a fix or reply an answer, I would appreciate it a lot.

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    Manage (modify) channel is not channel creatrion.
    You must remove the permissions beginnign with create * channels
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    To add on to what Dante said, you can do a search.






    There are more to be unchecked. however these ones above should solve the general issue you're facing

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