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    Help with 3D positioning (code attached)

    Hi there.

    I've been trying to set 3D positioning with the latest SDK but have failed to do so.

    Basically, using the client example code in the examples folder, I replaced the getch() loop with calls to ts3client_systemset3DListenerAttributes() and ts3client_channelset3DAttributes(). The player is moving along the X axis at each iteration while the "other" client stays stationary. I also implemented the onCustom3dRolloffCalculationClientEvent() callback.

    	TS3_VECTOR myPos = { 0.f,0.f,0.f }, myFwd = { 1.f,0.f,0.f }, myUp = { 0.f,0.f,1.f };
    	TS3_VECTOR hisPos = { 0.f,0.f,0.f };
    	if (ts3client_systemset3DSettings(scHandlerID, 1.f, 0.5f) != ERROR_ok)
    		return 1;
        while(!abort) {
    		myPos.x += 1.f;
    		printf("myPos = <%f, %f, %f>\n", myPos.x, myPos.y, myPos.z);
    		if (ts3client_systemset3DListenerAttributes(scHandlerID, &myPos, &myFwd, &myUp) != ERROR_ok)
    			printf("ts3client_systemset3DListenerAttributes failed\n");
    			return 1;
    		if (ts3client_channelset3DAttributes(scHandlerID, 1, &hisPos) != ERROR_ok)
    			printf("ts3client_channelset3DAttributes failed\n");
    			return 1;
    N.B. The other client in ts3client_channelset3DAttributes() is hardcoded to 1, so be sure it is the first one connected to the server when testing this or else this function will fail.

    While I can hear the other speak, I don't perceive any changes in positioning. It was my understanding also, after reading the docs, that the onCustom3dRolloffCalculationClientEvent() callback would be triggered each time the other speaks, but it doesn't.

    I hope this be enough for your understanding. Feel free to ask any more questions if needed.
    Last edited by DrHobo; July 6th, 2015 at 03:10 PM. Reason: Specifying that the base code is the ts3_client example code.

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