Hey there everyone,

I run a little community where I allow groups to join my Teamspeak server and have there own specific channels with channel admin so that they may properly moderate it and edit the channel as they please without needed any support from myself. Recently a member whom was a channel admin notified me that they were able to add "Server Groups" due to their "Channel Admin" group member add power being high enough to do that. I went into the "Channel Admin" permissions and changed the (Needed Group Add Power, Needed Group Member Add Power, Group Member Remove Power, Needed Group Member Remove Power) all to 10. I also adjusted the "Operator" and the "Voice" ranks accordingly to where the "Channel Admin" should be able to add/remove those ranks to anyone in their channel. After doing that, as a "Channel Admin" I am unable to add ANY channel ranks as there seems to be a hard-coded (Group Member Add/Remove) power that I can't see. Is there anyway to bypass that and change it from 50 to 10 for the "Channel Admin" by chance? Below are the images of my channel ranks and their modify settings.

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I'd appreciate any help in this issue very much! Also if I excluded any needed information let me know and I'll dig it up. Thanks!