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    Including channel ID when requesting a PHP banner

    Hi TeamSpeak Devs,

    I was wondering if TeamSpeak could include the channel ID when requesting a PHP banner.

    My server is using a dynamic banner which updates every 300 seconds.
    If TeamSpeak could send a request like
    when in channel ID 8419, we could create channel-specific banners with the PHP GD library.

    I don't know if this is something you're able/willing to do, but dynamically created banners would certainly be useful.
    (I couldn't find a similar suggestion, sorry if something like this has already been suggested in the past.)

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    Call your banner.php and check in the script which ip the user has. Then look into the ts3-userlist via server-query and look for a user with this ip. Then you have the channel of the user, too
    When no ip is found in the userlist show a default banner.

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