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    Ban and unban problem

    A couple days ago i was banned from my friends TS by unknown person who got admin privilegies,today my friend unban me and I still unable to enter TS couse I am still banned.
    Can you help me with my problem.
    Thank you.


    No,he said that he unban me and there is nobody else in ban list...


    Help me.I was banned in one TS group then I was unbanned but whe I trying to connect I see error (You are banned temporarily.
    Try again in 355d 11:06:25)
    But owner of that group said that he unban all persons in banlist.


    Oh,come on!
    Answer me!
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    Are u sure ur friend unbanned you?, maybe there was more banned people on ban list and he removed someone else then u.....

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    Tell him to make sure that he hasn't checked "Show only own bans". Also, try to change your identity and/or nickname and try again.

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    Typically when you get banned there are 2 entries. One for the unique the ID and one for the IP address. If you remove one without the other you will still be banned.

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    Banned, and server admins unable to unban

    I was banned from a server, but the problem was sorted out and I was meant to be un-banned. Unfortunately, something to do with my Dynamic IP address meant that I can not be un-banned from their server. I was wondering if there was any way that I could do anything on my line to un ban me? I know there are probably ways of manipulating things to get myself un-banned.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Cannot unban someone?

    I permanantly banned someone. I wanted to unban him since it was a joke.

    I went to tool>Ban list and remove X user from the ban list

    he is still banned. Any clue?
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    If you ban someone it actually generates 2 bans: a ban on the TS identity AND an IP ban. You have probably removed the ban on the TS identity, but not on the IP address. You can look up your friend's IP by going to Permissions > List all clients and then looking up his nickname in the list. Then go back to Tool>Ban List and remove the ban on his IP.

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    I've tried to unban someone from the ban list but they are still some how banned. They are not on the list anymore, but still cannot enter.

    I've heard I need to remove them from some where else as well.
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