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    Non default port, and DNS

    I can't find this anywhere, so sorry if this has been answered already.

    I just changed my default port of my server, but the only way people can connect is to add the ":9999" at the end of the DNS. I'm wondering if there is a way to make it where I can make it so using the default DNS will work again, or if they will have to add the port now that the port is not default.

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    You can achieve this behaviour by creating a SRV dns record for your TS server. How to do this, see this FAQ entry:

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    The article neglect to specify,
    1. At what address the server could be reached. For
    Code: SRV 0 1 9999
    it'll be "", which your users should enter as address of your voice server.
    2. That the "" MUST be an A record.
    Code: A
    3. That TS3 client request all records at once (SRV, A, TSDNS), while standard explicitly forbids such activity.
    4. That you don't need _tsdns record at all.

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