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    Teamspeak server preventing certain features from working


    Files on the hosts behalf were corrupt.

    My Teamspeak 3 server recently began acting strange, in the form that I cannot perform the following actions anymore:

    Create Spacer
    Create Sub-Channel
    Create Permanent or Temporary Channels (Only can create Semi-Permanent)

    I have already attempted to alter and set i_channel_min_depth , b_channel_create_child,
    And have cleared my cache and completely reinstalled Teamspeak 3.

    Every admin server group and channel group is experiencing this problem.
    Even other users who use the same admin groups cannot perform the actions listed.

    It allows for the channels to be edited to permanent and temporary afterwards, and sorted into sub-channels, but does not allow them to be created.
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    Show us a permission overview of your permissions.
    Do a Right-click on yourself -> Permissions -> Permissions Overview
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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    Show us a permission overview of your permissions.
    Do a Right-click on yourself -> Permissions -> Permissions Overview
    Added as attatchment in .txt file.
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    The teamspeak server was reset but the problem still persists, and now only the admin group is encountering insufficient permissions for subscribing to all channels.

    The host has yet to help and this provider is not looking very promising.

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    This thread may be deleted/locked by an admin, the server host stated the server had corrupt files and resolved to reinstalling their server.

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