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    Teamspeak 3 server network attack issues


    I am running a TS3 server on my VPS. Its been running properly with no issues since almost two years but recently since last week I am getting lot of problems. Server got shut down about a week ago after which the hosting company started it again.

    Two days ago they suspended my server for this:

    Sat Jul 4 11:51:41 2015; UDP; eth0; 154 bytes; from *.*.*.*:16211 to *.*.*.*:9987
    Sat Jul 4 11:51:41 2015; UDP; eth0; 154 bytes; from *.*.*.*:9987 to *.*.*.*:10000
    Sat Jul 4 11:51:41 2015; UDP; eth0; 154 bytes; from *.*.*.*:9987 to *.*.*.*:22190
    Sat Jul 4 11:51:41 2015; UDP; eth0; 154 bytes; from *.*.*.*:9987 to *.*.*.*:62295
    Sat Jul 4 11:51:41 2015; UDP; eth0; 154 bytes; from *.*.*.*:9987 to *.*.*.*:49303

    This includes my and my friend's IP address who were playing on some other server. No other services are working on the VPS.
    I wanna know why teamspeak is causing this problem and if there is a solution to this because the VPS hosting company firstly accused me that your services are creating disruption on the entire node, the told me to use iptables and add bans on IP's which I find suspicious.

    If this is caused by teamspeak is there any way to restrict it cuz they might be suspending my account permanently if this goes on.

    Today same thing happened and now they have shut down my VPS and problem is under investigation with this reply:

    "The ddos attacks are originating from your server and so you need to know all the services that you are running on your vm in detail.

    We can not leave the vm's which are causing ddos attack since this is related to our performance of the hostnode and also our service and it will spoil our company name in the market badly."

    Need some suggestion from the teamspeak developers.

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    Update your server to We miss this detail of your server version.

    Are you allowed to host a voice server trough UDP? Some hoster do restrict that.
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    topic review

    Nope, I am allowed to host any VOIP server on their VPS, I am already in touch with them and they said its not against their rules. I updated my teamspeak 3 server now but they switched my server to their new hostnode. Anyway if I get further issues I might contact you again.

    If you can find any problems regarding this please help me out.

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