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    TS3 Issue: Not responding after a while. PLEASE HELP!! D:

    Hi guys, new to the forums here and figured I could get some help on this issue from the TS3 forums directly. Basically, I recently upgraded my PC, got a new CPU and Motherboard (i7 4790k, Asus Maximus Hero VII) and after installing these new parts I also reformatted etcetera.

    Everything is working fine apart from Teamspeak 3, where I am able to join servers, talk to people all as usual, but after a little bit of time, which can vary, it'll eventually freeze when my mic is open usually, and my push-to-talk key is caps lock and usually this results in my caps lock key indicator light also being jammed. So depending on when I had pushed it whether on or off when it jams it'll either stay off, no matter if I press the key or on. However, it still toggles caps lock correctly, just TS3 and the indicator light for caps is jammed together.

    Now once this happens, I can still hear everyone, but no one can hear me I have to close TS3, but when this happens it ends up not responding and usually, it results in a full system restart for it to become functional again. It doesn't work if I end task the program and run it again, tried running as administrator, and I have reformatted and updated all drivers several times. I even eventually put it down to being a motherboard issue with my USB connectors, I replaced my motherboard, with the same and formatted again, yet still the issue persists. I can't imagine what it could be...I've never had this issue previously it's only come up since I got the new upgrades to my system.

    My System and its specs:

    CPU: i7 4790K
    MOBO: ASUS Maximus Hero VII
    GPU: R9 290x
    PSU: Corsair CSM750w 80+ Gold
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB 2400mhz
    OS: Windows 7 Professional

    I'd appreciate some feedback and help on this as it's really important to me, I play CS a lot, mainly competitive and TS is vital for our communication and it's really frustrating when I lose that communication mid game and eventually have to drop out and restart the system completely if I am to get it working again.

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    I just posted a thread and looks like Im having a very similar issue!

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