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    Newbie Question - "entering", "exit", "entering", "exiting" - Nightmare Scenario!

    I just installed TS3 and logged into one of the public servers and the thing keeps yapping at me, this person is entering, this person is exiting...and I frankly don't give a holy hill of beans. I want to shut them all off and there doesn't appear to be a way to do that. I want to find a place where a couple of my gaming friends can talk in-game and this does not appear to be the place! I thought TS3 was designed specifically for this purpose - hard to do when these nightmare voices are screaming at me! Kill them please or create some usable instructions/tutorials aimed at the real users of your service. I wanted to delete the thing [literally] within 30 seconds of using it...horrible experience out of the gate.

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    The sound messages are needed for users to get notified whats going on in their channel.
    This is no problem at all when you do sit in your own channel and not in a default channel of a server.

    Your options:
    1. You can change the sounds under Settings -> Options -> Playback "Sound Pack volume"

    2. Turn of the unwanted sounds under Settings -> Options -> Notofications
    in the categories Client -> Connection/Switched

    3. Disable the sound pack for this server. Go into Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> Select your Bookmark -> Press More -> change Sound Pack to "Sounds deactivated" or just Self -> Sound pack -> Sounds deactivated

    What was the question BTW? I did not see any in your post.
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    A long time ago, I've suggested that the TS3 Client should only play important sounds (or no sounds at all) when the Channel you're in is in Force Silence mode. This would be a perfect solution for the official public server too...

    Please add an option for that (enabled by default).

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