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    Quote Originally Posted by klaus97 View Post
    Can you please tell me how i can permit in my server the permission to admins to ban users permanently? Now they can only ban them for 2 hours...
    Hey klaus,

    your i_client_ban_max_bantime permission should look like this. That configures the max. bantime. -1 means unlimited (permanently):

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    Best regards,

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    I can't ban anyone on my own Teamspeak server

    Hello guys, I am new on this forum so I got a problem.

    The problem is I can't ban noone on my teamspeak server I am a server admin and I can't even ban a Guest guy. I can just ban someone for 1 second but if I select minutes,hours,days,permant I can't its just red and I can't press OK. Thanks.
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    Problem with banning clients

    Looked at older posts on this subject but none of the solutions solved our problem. We can no longer ban a client from our teamspeak for more that 2 hours. When I try to ban permanently, the OK button does not become active. I am an admin and can't find any setting in permissions to fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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