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    Add dynamic picture to channel description

    Hi all!
    I would like to add dynamic picture (a graph of users experience updated once an hour) to chanel description.
    But as I see the picture is uploaded once to the client and then it is taken from a cash. Is it possible to bypass this?

    Possibly there is a way to update chanel description dynamicly, so that I could change picture name (it will not be in cash then).
    Or is it possible to set update time = 1 hour for such a content?

    Best regards,
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    You must write your query bot. However, this will cause the "your channel has been edited" voice message for all users in that channel.

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    I'm not aware of a way to do this from within TS. But why not set the URL in the description, and let the code at the other server do all the work? For example, in channel description:
    [URL=points to server that has dynamic abilities.]

    If I were to do what you're asking, I would do it this way - as it would allow me to virtually have unlimited custom possibilities, all based on my code instead of TeamSpeak.

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