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    Using domainname with TS3 Server on CentOS

    Hi all,

    Im new to this forum and to the TS3 online community, so please excuse me if I say something stupid. I am encountering some problems whilst deploying my TS3 Linux Server. At first my configuration. Its as follows:

    Physical machine
    - Intel i5 CPU
    - 16gb RAM
    - 2tb HDD
    - OS: ESXi 6

    TS Virtual Machine
    - 1 CPU, 2 cores
    - 2gb RAM
    - CentOS 7

    DNS Config for
    name / type / value
    - @ / A-record / (ISP's default IP)
    - www / C-name / @
    - ts / A-record / my.server's.external.ip

    So far my configuration. I managed to get the server started, and configured all the channels and such on my LAN. Next, I have forwarded the ports 9987, 10011 and 30033 to my server. Now I can connect to the TS3 server using my external IP. After this I set the A record for my subdomain (in this case, to my external IP. But when I try to connect to this subdomain, it won't connect to my TS3 server. Then again, if I use my external IP to connect, it DOES work. I waited a few days before posting this message because I am aware of ISP's caching DNS. Now I have read, some users seem to use a SRV record for their TS3 server, but I did not manage to get it working.

    So, my question is, what am I doing wrong? Or is there an easier / better way to do this? Thanks in advance for your help people!


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    It seems you did everything correctly, at least from what you wrote. Now you should look if your isn't resolving to the IP address your set it to. And after that, why it isn't resolving to that address.

    To what address your is actually resolving, you can use the tool "dig" under Linux. Or ping that address under Windows. Or you could look into the client logfile of your Teamspeak client and look to which address your client actually tried to connect.

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    Can you give some more informations about your problem?

    The problem itself is located within the DNS, so please check the following things:
    - Is the DNS-Record set correctly?
    - If you check the configured subdomain from an other point, is it resolved correctly?
    - As you mentioned, your client does not resolve the subdomain correctly, does an other client within your network resolve the subdomain correctly?

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    I don't think anyone will be able help you without real data.

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    where are you hosting it?

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