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    Cannot use TS3 remote on my Galaxy S5 Android.

    I am using my phone as my ISP, i use PDANet to connect my desktop PC to the internet. I purchased TS3 mobile and am unable to connect to ANY server I have info for, only the public servers. I downloaded the TS3 Remote, followed the instructions on how to connect to my PC and so on but the connection failed repeatedly and I am unsure how to fix it.

    Anyone have any idea?

    Thanks for any info that might help.


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    TS3 Remote is JUST to show you the status of the TeamSpeak 3 client running on your PC. For that to work though, you will have to enable to clientquery plugin in settings -> Plugins and also change the settings of the same to allow remote connections to the clientquery plugin. Once that's all done restart TeamSpeak 3 and it should work, provided that the phone and PC are both in the same network and can talk to each other.

    Again, if you want to talk from your mobile device or connect directly to TeamSpeak servers you need to install the full TeamSpeak 3 Client.
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