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    Solved Denying moderators from giving other mods server groups


    On my Team Speak server I made special server groups called factions mod, Kitpvp mod, and Prison mod the group have basic admin rights as:
    - moving users
    - kicking users
    - banning / unbanning users
    - creating/modifying channels

    I would like to make it so these mods cannot give server groups to each other but still can give the groups to normal members.
    for example the mod groups are supposed to be able to give muted to members (which they can) however they should not be able to give muted to other mods

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    Add i_client_needed_permission_modify_power to those three groups with a value of 75 and make sure that they do not have i_client_permission_modify_power or that the value is less than 70.

    They should no longer be able to grant groups to themselves, but still be able to mess with the lower ranks.
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