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    Removing whisper key disables Microphone

    While holding a binded whisper key removing the key disables the microphone and enable microphone button
    Ts3 version 3.0.16 (4 08 2014)
    Qt version (5.2.1)

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    This is a known behavior (no bug) of the client. The started whisper feature now waits for the assigned Keys in combination "Key UP" to stop the whisper.
    But you have deleted the event Key UP, so the client can not stop whisper now.

    Close the Tab and reopen it to fix this for yourself.

    We will not change this behavior, when a user deletes a key that is in use.
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    No Bug ?

    I know how the buttons work (button up activates and button down deactivates) but deactivating button never happens in this case and user might get confused on this easily..

    also you do not have to edit how buttons work internally .. just in case of this rare thing happening
    warn the user about the issue ?

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