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    Global query command length limiit

    There is a limit for the length of query commands of 9203 bytes (strange number, isn't it?).

    The following commands are allowed to exceed it:
    • serversnapshotdeploy
    • the 12 commands to add and delete permissions

    However, the following commands are still limited by this:

    • With the distribution of spaces in natural language, it is impossible to exhaust the maximum channel description length, as 8192 UTF-8 bytes (official limit) is less than the above limit of 9171 query bytes in most natural languages. The TeamSpeak3 client limits the channel description to 8192 query bytes for whatever reason (9171 would be correct if the channel description is sent in its own command, 9169 during creation of a channel) which will result in about 7000 characters in most languages.
      • channelcreate
      • channeledit

    • All array functions:
      • permfind
      • permoverview
      • permget
      • permidgetbyname
      • ftdeletefile
      • ftgetfileinfo
      • clientmove
      • clientkick

    I don't know why this limit exists, but it limits the use of above commands.

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    I also noticed, that in some conditions the TS3 client is not able to send 1024 bytes as chat message, they was cut off after around 900 bytes. I made tests with it while the forum was offline for some days (more than a week ago), that's why I forgot to post it here.

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    That's something different. That's because text messages are counted in UTF-8. I attached an overview of string limits (in German). "Auto" means that only the limitation by line length (9203 parameter bytes) exists. Doku doesn't really refer to some documentation but some plugin header files.
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