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    Trying to find out who hacked my ts.

    So I was doing some house work when my friend messaged me saying my sever got hacked.
    He kicked every one and Baned one person. We have unbaned our friend and have not gone to our sever from fear to other important stuff getting hacked.
    I have got the "hackers" uid and I have matched it to one of our friends.

    The real qustion here is, is there any way that a person is able to change there uid to match our friend.
    there is also other things that point towards our friend such as when I baned the uid it said last name was shifty (name of our friend) as well as he being the last one on our sever during the time of the happing.
    my other friend mitchel says he could not be the one that did this. so I was just woundering if you guys think that it was a great hacker who coverd his trial real good or if it was our friend just trolling

    Thanks; nathan

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    You cannot "hack" a TS server. The term is simply wrong.
    You cannot steal a user's UID unless you have access to his computer.

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    maybe your "friend" pc is used by other person or maybe that other person "stole" the identity file?
    is query login for user enabled?privilege keys?
    there is some ways to secure your server.and one of them is permission settings.

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