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    [Beta Channel] TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.17


    the latest beta release for Client version 3.0.17 is available.

    This is a pretty big release for us with lots of internal changes:

    • TeamSpeak now includes 12 languages by default. Community created translations are of course still available, so if someone prefers to use an existing community-created translation, that can still be installed and used. However, we want to offer a multilingual experience to all our users by default who may not be aware of the possibility to install additional language packs.
    • The TeamSpeak client now sends some statistics about your operating system and hardware to us. This is an opt-in feature, you will be asked before anything is sent.
      The reason for this is, we really need some fundamental data to be able to make future decisions, for example whether we need support for certain operating systems. Right now we have no idea how many people are still running TeamSpeak on no longer supported systems like XP or OS X 10.6. The data is sent anonymously and cannot be traced back to you.
      The exact data is shown in the client log when it is sent, for those who are interested in the details. It includes information about the CPU supporting 32 or 64 bit, supported hardware features of the CPU (e.g. SSE2), operating system, version number and 32/64 bit type of operating system and the version of the current TeamSpeak client. We do not scan for installed software. This report would be sent once per month, unless you cancel your opt-in again. We would be very happy if many users decide to opt-in, as this data will be helpful for us.
      We do value privacy a lot, and we are of the opinion this is one of the big selling points of TeamSpeak, but we think the collected data is rather harmless regarding privacy concerns.
    • For legal reasons you now need to accept a TeamSpeak client license agreement the first time you start the client, and again in case of a change to the license agreement. You should know this from other software and games, so hopefully this is not a big deal.
    • We added a new crashdump upload system. Previously dumps had to be manually uploaded to the forum, which was not optimal for both our users and us. Users had to create a forum account if they didn't have one, and it involved some work. I suppose many people just stopped at the forum account creation, so we probably missed a lot of those crashes. On the other hand it was also bad for us, because we had to examine all these crashes, and see a lot of the same multiple times. With the new system multiple uploads of the same crash will be categorized properly, so we don't need to examine the same crash over and over. The time we save here can be invested into more interesting things.
      We hope this new system lets us react to problems faster, and not only when the forum has exploded, like with the currently reported crash with certain pre-installed OEM software (which should hopefully be fixed with 3.0.17). Also we hope that more people will send us their crash reports because it is now much less effort.
      This system is also opt-in, nothing is sent unless you explicitly click the Send button in the error reporter.
    • We overhauled the newsticker, it's now multilingual and can be updated faster. The beta news are separate from the news shown in 3.0.16. We will be experimenting with this during the beta, so please don't wonder if you see some testing news during the next week. :-)
      This is not meant as a Twitter replacement, but occasionally we want to share something with every user.
    • Finally, and this has been the biggest change for us (but invisible to you), we completely overhauled our build system. We also upgraded our compilers and our entire backend to have a future-proof foundation for the next years, especially as we are already using C++11 language features in our new code. I understand that's boring to most of you, but for us it has been a vast quality of life improvement. This upgrade is the reason why there has not been a release for quite some time. We hope to get back to a more regular update frequency again now that we are set.

    The upcoming sync feature is not included in the 3.0.17 release. We are not fully satisfied with the current solution and don't want to release something to the public we are not completely happy with ourselves. While we understand it is not optimal to have it promised for quite some time now, it is against our philosophy to release something which does not completely meet your and our demands.

    If you are not yet on the beta channel, you can easily select it by going to Options / Applications and switch the Update Channel dropdown box to "Beta". To opt-out of Beta again, switch it back to "Stable".

    Please find the entire changelog below:
    === Client Release 3.0.17 22 Jul 2015
    * Updated to Qt 5.4.1 
    + Added automatic crashdump upload, replacing the old manual upload to the
      forum. In case of a crash, a report tool will show and ask the user if the
      dump should be automatically uploaded to our servers.
    + Collect and send anonymous statistics about users hardware and operating
      system to us for internal decisions (which hardware and OS version needs to
      be supported etc.). Disabled by default, user will be asked by a dialog the
      first time, to agree to send the data. Decision can be changed later in
      Options/Application/Anonymous Statistics. What exactly is being sent is
      displayed in the client log. If agreed, data is sent once per month. Users on
      beta channel always send the data.
    + Added new translations: Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish,
      Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.
    + Added multilingual license agreement dialog due to legal requirements.
    + Added multilingual newsticker with support for dynamic update periods.
    + Multilingual Windows installer.
    + Iconpacks default_colored_2014 and default_mono_2014 updated. Some icons
      were overhauled and some new were added.
    + OS X: Added support for GateKeeper Version 2 signatures for OS X 10.9 and
    + Added more icon names to settings.ini.
    + Improved support for high resolution Retina displays.
    + Added dialog to restart client after changing iconpack or language.
    + Added taskbar flashing on incoming chat message.
    + Updated Windows C++ runtime to version 120.
    - Fixed URL capture when emoticon replacement is enabled. The emoticon :/ was
      replaced inside hyperlinks (http://) and thus ruined the link. Also fixed
      clientid:// and channelid:// links, which were affected by the same problem.
    - Fixed scaling of various images.
    - Fixed possible crashes related to filetransfer.
    - Changed appearance of poke dialog when client is minimized, hidden or behind
      a fullscreen application.
    - Fixed crash with rotating users in 3D sound.
    - Fixed possible crash with some Bluetooth controllers.
    - Fixed searching server tree for custom name and nickname.
    - Fixed sending offline messages to multiple users.
    - Fixed issue with chat partner disconnecting.
    - Fixed special character treatment in TSDNS resolver.
    - Fixed various issues with URL tagging.
    - Reworked UTF-8 conversion backend.
    - Fixed possible crash with invalid texts in virtual server settings dialog.
    - Removed appscanner plugin due to questionable usefulness
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