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    TS3 causing weird issues with MWO

    since a few days whenever TS3 is open and I open MWO my computer seems to freeze whenever the game is selected

    if I tab out I can move the cursor again and the window even continues to play the loginscreen animation but as soon as I click the game again all imput is frozen again for at least 30 seconds probably more

    the game works fine when running on its own

    I also noticed that TS3 causes a short freeze (5-10 seconds) when starting up and closing

    at first I thought it was loading or something but the windows cursor is stuck in place and I dont remember it doing that before

    Im using
    windows 7
    a gforce gtx 970
    asus xonar dx soundcard

    all drivers are up to date

    I tried deinstalling and reinstalling ts3

    the weird thing is it worked without problems just a few days ago - i installed and removed kotr 2 on steam during that time but I cant think of any way that could influence ts3

    anyone have any suggestions what the problem could be?

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    try running TS3 with admin priviliges

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