I'm currently in the proces of creating a Chef (enterprise) cookbook to install and configure Teamspeak.

I've run into the situation where everything is installed and configured properly but for 1 thing...
I've defined a service resource at the end of the cookbook recipe that should start the Teamspeak 3 server from a wrapper service (shell) script in my /etc/init.d

However before chef will run the 'start' command on the script it will first call the 'status' command and based on the return code it will call the start command (if the server/service isn't running already).

Unfortunately, the 'status' parameter on the ts3server_startscript.sh will always return 0.

0 meaning the server/service is already running.

IMHO it should return something like this:
0 program is running or service is OK;
1 program is dead and /var/run pid file exists;
3 program is not running.

Do you agree ? ... or is there a reason behind the 'status' always returning 0.

thnx for your time and efforts in advance.