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    Cant connect to any servers, missing sound plugin?

    Hello everybody,

    i recently downloaded teamspeak 3 today on Mac OS X, when i tried connecting to a server however it said, 
    <20:12:11> ERROR: Missing TeamSpeak3 Sound Plugin - Install
    So i went ahead and hit the "install button" it then took me to safari and downloaded a file named "TeamSpeak 3 Portal Sound Plugin.exe" which left me a bit confused seeing as i am on a mac, i went ahead and used Wine to open and run the file hoping it might lead to a download or install screen of some sort, but it opened an blank window titled "Layer Ore" and had a blank space to type, and buttons 1-6 at the top...

    Please help me resolve my issue with the client.

    Thanks for your time!!!

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    That is just some server trying to trick people into voluntarily installing malware. Just avoid servers like that and ignore the message. It is NOT an official message but merely a Host Message that has been specified by the server admin.
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    Your sound plugin is outdated

    guys eny help plz ????????

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    "Your sound plugin is outdated" Error

    I recently downloaded TS3 and when I tried to connect to a server it showed this error. I don't know how to fix it, someone help please!

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