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    Make server group unmovable by admins help!

    Hey, I want to make the Owner server group unmovable by server mods, so they can't move whoever is above them, so I, the owner can click and drag users to different channels but I don't want the server mods to be able to drag me into different rooms, only people with ranks lower than them.

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    What is the Permission to Allow someone to Move another User into their Channel?

    Hi there, I'm a long time TeamSpeak User, but I have only recently bought my first TeamSpeak server. Recently I've been configuring the ranks and permissions on my server, but due to my lack of knowledge of the permissions, I need help from you.
    I was wondering what is the exact permission to allow someone to move another user into their channel is.

    Thanks very much,
    Sean (Sahand)

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    To move a client a user requires an i_client_move_power equal to or greater than the i_client_needed_move_power of the client to move in both the target and current channel of the client to move.
    Therefore to prevent a certain group moving another group, all you have to do is make sure their i_client_move_power is below the i_client_needed_move_power of any group they're not supposed to move.
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