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Thread: Custom Packs

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    Custom Packs

    Is it possible for the app to go to a folder and fetch custom sound/skin packs. I am bored of the default sound and skin packs and want to use custom packs. Pleas get back to me when able.
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    The mobile clients do not support custom skins / sounds.
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    I would add the Skin Feature as well. Or at least a White skin Layout. If you walk outside in the sun it's a pain in the [email protected]# to the the Client. Thank you for adding that in the next update ahead of time :-*

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    custom packs

    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    The soundpack would be compatible, but it is forbidden to modify the client package.
    taken from here. What I was thinking was for there to be a folder for custom packs to be put in, one of the support guys has said that sound packs would be compatible. Since we all had to pay to have ts on our android device then I think we should at least have the ability to have custom packs eg. A folder for custom sound packs. Please get back to me when possible.
    Kind Regards

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