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Thread: Mic Sensitivity

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    Mic Sensitivity

    How do you turn down your mic sensitivity? My guildies in ArcheAge were complaining that they could hear everything I did when I pressed the "push to talk" button. Usually, I'd be playing the game and talking simultaneously, but that pissed off my guild members. There's definitely a way, my friend Incursion said he did, but he can't remember how. So how in God's name do you do it? Thanks,

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    Right click the Speaker icon in the systray, select Recording devices, select your mic, Properties, Levels, lower the bottom one to 0 and the upper one as needed.

    You can also use VAD with PTT, so that TeamSpeak will only transmit stuff that is over a certain threshold while you press the PTT button. The option can be found in Settings > Options > Capture > Advanced Options > VAD while using PTT

    Whatever option you decide to use (or maybe even use both) you can use the Begin Test Button in Settings > Options > Capture to see whether one can still hear everything.
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