I have seen this post before but have not see a solution...maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place. This has been going on for years while gaming. The game I'm playing is Advance War Fare. The weird sounds will start about an hour into the game then the game will start to lag and teamspeak will start to garble up. It got so bad I recently I took my computer to a shop and they saw the problem. They check all hardware and ever thing checked out. They reinstalled my operation system thinking it was some corruption but didn't install teamspeak before they game it back to me. When in installed teamspeak the problem came back...I uninstalled teamspeak and the computer while gaming works fine. Now that I think about it the computer work fine with some people teamspeak and not other which is weird. Can someone help me please.

My system:
I5 2500K
MSI mother board
64 Bit window 7 ultimate