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    Issue with Subdomain pointing to TS server IP / DDNS

    Hello, not 100% sure if this is the right section for this, and I've never used the Teamspeak forums before but here goes :P

    So I have a 32 slot TS server that I'm hosting at home from my own network. I've decided that in order to make it easier to invite new people to the server (it's a gaming community server) that I should make a subdomain off the community website which is in development so that people can join off that.

    The domain I want usable is
    The server is hosted at to prevent my IP being as easily.

    Connecting to with TS works perfectly. But when I set up a CNAME record for the server with my hosting company it doesn't work. I can ping the subdomain and it returns the right IP and shows 0% packetloss but Teamspeak just gives me an error when I try to connect to it.

    Here is some basic info that will eliminate some troubleshooting steps:

    I am using DMZ on my router to open all ports to the server host computer.
    The host computer's firewall has been configured to allow all incoming connections to the relevant ports
    Connecting through the WAN IP directly works just fine
    Connecting through the DDNS directly works just fine

    Here is the settings I'm using for the CNAME record in my cPanel:
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    You need to use an SRV record instead of a CNAME.

    the correct SRV record would look like this:

    Code: 3600 IN SRV 1 1 9987
    Depending on the interface you're presented with the names for each field may differ but it should be something like this:

    Service: _ts3
    Protocol: _udp
    Name: ts3
    Port: 9987 (or whatever your TS3 Port is)
    Weight: 1
    Priority: 1
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