Yesterday I upgraded my system to windows 10, this resetted all my settings I had on my teamspeak. This is a major problem because my headset has a problem where out of the blue it will completely turn off. My guess is that theres a short in there. However because this is common, and it works fine when it turns on again, the short time it goes off (around 1 second) teamspeak renders the headset as off and I have to go to my settings and go to capture and make it default then hit apply then go to my headphones then hit apply and do the same for audio, this is a huge problem because I am an avid gamer and it just makes it impossible to play. Any help would be greatly appreciated, i'm just wondering if there's a feature or setting to turn it back on and work on the teamspeak when my headset turns on again. This used to be the case in windows 8 it would turn off then on and I would hear and talk like normal without having to go back to my settings.