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    random disconnects from several servers

    So for the last 2 months i have an rather interesting issue

    i get on several ts servers(5 in total) and on 4 of them i randomly get a dc and in turn not be able to connect to them for an unspecified time(sometimes 10 minutes other times days even 6 weeks(for 1 of them right now))

    things i have tried
    different pc(even mobile)
    contacted isp(spend about 5 hours with a tech guy who was curious trying to find out if it was on their end or not)
    contacted the server owners
    reinstalled os
    tried older versions of ts

    im still convinced its somewhere along over at my isp's end as the problems started after i moved houses(just a few streets but enough to be on a different exchange)

    any and all traces so far show that the data is send of and i receive a reply but i never get the stream of data that you normally do(and in turn get on the server and actually be on it)
    im really at my wits end as to what i can try myself or what i can ask the server owners to do or anything so i come to the teamspeak community hoping that someone out there might be able to guide me into giving them the info they need to be able to find the cause of this problem and find out at which end it is

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    If you are suspecting your Hoster for causing the issue, you might want to try using a VPN service for a while, to see if it is solved by that.

    As you didn't state from what country you are, I am generally assuming that it could possibly be caused by attempted censoring or routing-issues. A VPN could possibly help with that, as it would use another route.

    If you get connection issues with a VPN service, try switching to a different VPN server and keep trying with it.

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