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    Re-evaluate suggestions in light of new code upgrade

    Based on you saying:
    This upgrade is the reason why there has not been a release for quite some time. We hope to get back to a more regular update frequency again now that we are set.
    It would be nice to go back and re-evaluate people's suggestions to see, now that you are ready to start implementing things again, what suggestions you would be able to implement. There are several that keep getting asked for over and over to the point where thread after thread, reply after reply keep getting piled onto older original threads for the request.

    It just strikes me as logical that now you are in a better position to start back on the updating system instead of purely code-technicality upgrades mostly.

    So rather than trying to come up with more unique useful things, I will leave it at this suggestion to check back into past suggestions as a way of giving users what they have been asking for if they are easy/doable.
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