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    Linking channel group to all subchannels within a parent channel?

    Hey folks,

    I'm pulling hairs over this. How do I assign a user to a channel group and have the assignment carry over to all other channels within that specific subchannel's (where the user is assigned) parent channel?

    For example...

    Parent Channel
    Subchannel 1
    Subchannel 2
    Subchannel 2a (user is assigned channel group here)

    Is there any way in which the assigned channel group perms can carry over to subchannel 2, 1, and Parent?

    I understand that if they are assigned the channel group directly within the parent channel, it carries over to all all channels in that directory. The problem is that I want to restrict access to the Parent Channel as I'm only using it for organizational purposes, not voice.

    Halp pls

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    This is not possible. You will need to re-organize your channels so you can give someone the channel group in one channel and then they will automatically get this channel group in all of it's child channels. You should be able to pull it off if you alter how you organize your channels.

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    Hey there,

    for that is a slightly well hidden option for that.
    Right Click that Client > go to "Permissions" > "Channel Groups of Client"
    a new Window pops up with that ServerChanneltree now pick the "parent" Channel got to "Guest" dropdown to the right and Place him into the group you want. Inside that window you can drag the Clients by drag and drop into the left side unique ID to manage more than one Client to it.
    ChannelGroup inheritance is default until you manually disable it in a certain "subchannel" "b_channel_group_inheritance_end"

    That should help you out there. This is a good way of Housing multiply groups on one Server - but completly divided by Parent channel.

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    As mentioned above you can still assign them a channel group in the parent channel, even if they cannot join that channel the group will still carry over, as long as they do not have an assignment in any of the subchannels.
    So just set their channel group to guest in all the sub channels and have their desired channel group assigned to them in the parent.
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