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    Failed to connect to weblist and any servers with my pc

    Hi !

    I have a little (big) problem with TeamSpeak 3 actually.

    My problem is that i can't connect to any servers. It says : "Failed to resolve hostname".
    And when i go in "Server list", that says me in red : "Failed to connect to weblist server".
    I try like every post about this issue, but nothing...

    What i have already did :

    - Restart my computer
    - Disable/uninstall Firewall and antivirus
    - Reinstall TeamSpeak 3
    - Restart router
    - Clear DNS cache with "ipconfig".

    I can connect to servers with my smartphone with the same home router.
    What i saw is that with (i don't like to use it so sorry just for test) Mumble, i can connect to servers.

    It happens suddenly, i never had any problems before (i use it for 4-5 years).

    Thank you to help me ! It's very frustrated.

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    Verona - Italy
    Did you solve this issue?

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