I have googled and searched this forum for something similar,

I am looking for a script to automatically punish users that broadcast at high volume levels, ideally users who join the channel then blast music at high volume levels or scream or otherwise troll (with loud noises) would instantly be kicked, warned, gagged for a preset period, banned for a preset period or something like that(preferably configurable)

the most important thing is that the loud noise be stopped instantly a simple instant kick would cause this sort of trolling to be ineffective and would save us the bother of having to deal with it, players who cough into the mic or otherwise trigger the script would be kicked too encouraging push to talk and people who set their mics too high might also get kicked on occasion as long as it could be tuned i feel like it could be a simple and effective anti troll mechanism.

script would monitor incoming volume and if a user goes over a certain peak level it kicks(or otherwise punishes them)

if anyone is interested in developing something like this i am certain it would be popular. thanks in advance for any feedback.