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    Alternative methods for permanent bans?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to find out if there are alternative methods to the permanent ban currently set within TS. There are a small handful of players that come in, cause trouble and take up the limited slots. When banned, they use proxies to circumvent the ban (even wildcarded bans) and come straight back in.

    I'm looking in to a group that will be assigned to them that only I can remove that will prevent them from subscribing, talking, typing, joining and poking users within the TS (forcibly muting them altogether).

    In the meantime, I was interested in finding out if there were alternative methods to preventing them from causing trouble within my TS server.

    Many thanks!

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    2 threads with the same content?
    Anyway, you can raise the needed security level, so it does take longer to create a new identity to come back.
    You can also set a server password and only allow your users to bypass it.

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