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    Are chats logged for all to see in TS3 even when they aren't in your channel?

    There is a TS3 server that I use that is run by a good friend of mine locally at his house. He lets a ton of people use it, including my ex who shares him as a friend. My ex claims that he can read everything I type in there from his own computer (we are both Server/Channel Admins but neither of us have access to the machine the server is hosted on). Can he?

    Asking this friend about it isn't an option because I don't want this friend finding out he can and reading everyone's messages too, and asking this friend to kick/ban/demote my ex isn't either. As far as I can tell, plenty of people ask for server-side chat logging but everyone says it isn't possible unless they are in the channel.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Which is true, you only get the chat messages if you're in the channel at the time they're being sent. However there is always the possibility to have query clients in the channel, which would receive the channel messages but are not displayed in the client by default.
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    Private chat should be safe to use for you.

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