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    Setting Up A Server Query Admin Group

    Ok. im trying to give myself the Server Query Admin Group but when i try and add the permission ServerQuery: Login Via Server Query i get the error message "Insufficient Permission Modify Power"
    I would really like if someone could show me how to setup a teamspeak server query admin group for myself ive tryed multiple different things like setting up a privilege key and the query command to set client group and they give me errors too If someone could just tell me HOW to setup a server query group that would be nice
    Oh and so you guys know i dont have the server files on my pc i use puTTy to do everything and FTP <3

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    Guess this thread will be locked soon
    Teamspeak doesnt support adding normal clients to query groups, which is unnecessary and can destroy your instance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micky1701 View Post
    Ok. im trying to give myself the Server Query Admin Group
    Thread can be closed.

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