I am kind off having a weird issue that happens to my TS3 server ever few days.
For some weird reason my TeamSpeak server decides to randomly stops responding, disconnecting everybody and failing any connection attempt.

If I shut off the server and restart it, it instantly works again perfectly fine.
It also works fine if I just leave it for a couple of minutes the moment it happens.

As you can probably understand, this is quite an annoying thing to experience because all the people that use my TS3 server are playing games that require communication and loss of communication can destroy the things they're trying to do in-game. E.g;

World of Warcraft Raids
Final Fantasy XIV Raids
H1Z1 Battle Royale et cetera.

I've tried googling it but unfortunately I personally had no luck.

VDS specs:

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (Build 9600)
1GB RAM (2GB swap)
5TB Bandwith
100MB/s Network port