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    Win10: Can't use hotkeys while i am on second monitor

    My question relates to window priorities when talking on TS since updating to Win10. I have a dual monitor setup and prior to the update I was running Win7. In Win7 with FSX installed and running on the main monitor and several avionics windows open in the second monitor I was able to use the "press to talk" keypress regardless of which window was active. However since I installed Win10, unless I am on the desktop for either the main monitor or the secondary monitor, the keypress will not function. If I load any window, on either monitor and make that the active window, the press to talk function will not work. Priority must be given to either the TS window or the desktops in order to talk in TS. Have you had any other requests for help in this area, or are you aware of this being a problem yourself?

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    Thanks for the responses. I've gone back to Win7. . .problem solved.

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    Windows 10 software and drivers are not 100% ready yet.
    The next client will bring an updated QT version for Windows10 as an example.
    We can not say why things do not work untill 1 or 2 months has passed.

    aso it could be that other software in forground does block hotkeys for other programs by default. This is an old and known behavior for many games.
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