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    Ban in Teamspeak

    Hello I have a dedicated server and from it I'm running a teamspeak 3 Server. I want to ban the serial number of a specific client connecting to my teamspeak server. Although I have banned him from teamspeak server he changes his product key and connecting again. The teamspeak is running MySQL server and i'm using Debian 7 (x64) Any help how to do it?

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    Put current trusted users in a new server group with ignore server password on join and allows them to create invite tokens and can set that new server group if you trust they will not invite trouble, finally password the server.

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    I'm affraid this is not possible. If client changes his "Unique ID" (creates new identity), it is like new unknown client for TS3-server. You could try to block his IP, but he might have dynamic IP, and it takes some time to ban all of those he can have. And at the same time, you could ban a few innocent users too...

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    There is no "serial number" in Teamspeak...
    Read the following thread to get in touch with the Teamspeak Auth system:

    If you are meaning the Unique ID or IP Adress, you can add a RegEx Ban.

    If you know, the client is connecting from the same IP Address root, eg.

    you can ban a IP Range which mens you ban all 171.212... IPs.

    To do that, open the Ban list and add a new ban.

    Chose "Regex" below the IP Address field, and type
    Make sure, none of your friends are connecting from a smiliar IP

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    I would suggest banning him via is ip address.
    right click name > client connection info > copy client address
    tools > ban list > add

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