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Thread: Server Spec

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    Server Spec

    I want to host my own private TS3 server.

    What are the best specs for a machine hosting this? Is there anything specific I should look out for?

    There don't seem to be any user manuals for download that I can see on the site.

    Any advice appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by loest View Post
    mine have about 250 slots, and 70-120 used, my machine have 256mb ram, and the uplink is 100mb, but with 120 users it is about 4mb/s.
    the once i had 150 users and the network usage was 8mb/s if im not wrong. the total bandwidth usage over the month, is 350gb.

    but i have all the server with 16khz codec and 40ms delay. which is a bit smaller.
    I quoted this from another topic,

    also for bandwidth calculations you might want to read this.

    I hope this will help you out, if not I tried :P

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    That FAQ is for TS2.

    For the specs, it doesn't really matter what server you use for a private server. For help with bandwidth, let us know the amount of users.

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