When I run the mic test in ts3 I hear a great deal of echo and feedback, which isn't there when I record my voice with the mic using a free windows recording app.

I don't know whether other players will be able to hear this if I connect to a server, which is the first thing I would like to know here if possible please, since I don't want to inconvenience other players by joining a group and then having to pull out because they can hear the echo.

If the echo in the test will definitely be present if I connect to a server, does anyone know how I might get rid of it, please?

What I've tried:

  • fiddling with the levels and boost in 'manage audio devices' in windows;
  • using 'Echo reduction' and/or 'Echo cancellation' in ts3 options
  • using the default advanced ts3 options of 'Remove background noise' and 'Automatic voice gain control'