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    TeamSpeak on Linux

    I am currently hosting a TeamSpeak server on Linux and I was wondering how could I make a backup of my server with the icons, channels etc.
    Is it possible just by simply logging in winSCP, and extracting the ts3 folder into my desktop and saving it, then on my new vps, by putting the files there again and the server would be the exact same?

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    Yes. There is a slight chance that the database will be corrupt when downloading it while the server is running. Make sure to use a supported shutdown method (stop it with the startscript or use instancestop query) to shut down the old server before starting the new one.

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    If using SQLite, yes from the servers point of view. But the IP would be different, users may need to use a new address to connect. Also, you can't run both at the same time. I don't know if you are allowed to move to a new IP with an NPL without updating your NPL info with TS3 (may depend on NPL version).

    If using MySQL you'll likely need to export the database in addition to backing up the TS3 server folder.

    There are a few other issues that may prevent the server from running right away no the new box (dependences and environmental variables and such).

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    Simply, YaTQA!
    For ICONS make manual download from YaTQA export.

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