Pretty new to TS... was told there is a plugin to overlays users names on top of my game (WoW) screen, got excited. Someone gave a link to get a file called "ts3_overlay-v3.8.23.ts3_plugin." The site where I got it said it supports OpenGL which is the graphic framework that OS X uses.

Could not for the life of me find out via googling exactly where plug-in files go. Did catch a thread about sound files being installed inside the application bundle (very unusual, most have no clue how the architecture in X goes, but I am familiar with it). Digging around in there had to separate locations for folders called "plugins." Tired both locations for the hell of it, neither worked.

As it turns out I am in groups that use TS both in WoW and in FF XIV. I am very new to both groups so it's kinda important I be able to see who is talking so I can arrange voices with teammates.

Can anyone help?