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    Issue with Windows 10, and keyboard


    I've been having issues with my keyboard while I'm connected to a teamspeak server. I had installed a fresh version of Windows 10 then downloaded the lastest version of Teamspeak (3.0.17) and imported my identity from Windows 7 I had before I installed Windows 10. When I connected to a teamspeak server I noticed when I tried to use my push-to-talk key (LShift) my keyboard would become unresponsive. And my keyboard wouldn't work until I had completely closed out of the teamspeak 3 client.

    I've tried different keyboard,
    Restarting my PC,
    Install the latest drivers for my Keyboard and USD Devices,
    And I reinstalled Windows 10 and the same problem occurred.

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    Just to add this info in case it helps someone else. I had this exact problem with a Logitech G510 keyboard, and TS

    The only way I got my keyboard to work while connected to a server was to move my keyboard from a USB3 port to a USB2 port. Maybe it was the change from USB3 to USB2 that did it, because I tried plugging the keyboard into different USB3 ports but that didn't help.

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