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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    There is no way to turn the update check off.
    We force that users always use the latest client version.
    So, am I right that this means that since I am still on 10.6.8, that I can no longer use your product? This seems ludicrous, surely Teamspeak doesn't want to alienate part of their cliental just because we don't have a new OS? I own and operate a 200 slot TS, and have for over a year and a half now, are there no work arounds at all?

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    Features we use and requiere are not supported on that old OS.
    There will be no version for O SX 10.6 and older.
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    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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    Can't Open the Client

    Everytime I try to open it, a window popsClick image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen shot 2015-11-29 at 20.08.27.png 
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Size:	182.4 KB 
ID:	13245. Please help me fix this

    My mac config: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen shot 2015-11-29 at 20.13.25.png 
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Size:	33.2 KB 
ID:	13246
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    MacBook running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 has a problem loading TeamSpeak

    I have downloaded TeamSpeak for OS X (there is only one option chose 4 netplayers) The icon appears in my Apps. folder but when I click on the icon it fails to load and I get a notice saying it can't because there is a problem. Here is a screen shot of the notice. Can anyone advise me what to do?
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen shot 2016-01-18 at 4.12.25 PM.png 
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Size:	292.7 KB 
ID:	13411
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    Mac Version 10.6.8 Help

    Hey all,

    I have Mac version 10.6.8 (cannot update) and need to update my Teamspeak version to 3.0.18.

    It wont let me update because my version is outdated, any help on how to get the latest version
    with my version of Mac.

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    There is no way to get ts3 for mac10.6.8?
    Any older edition or smth?

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    Won't open?

    Merged, your os I have downloaded Teamspeak 3 many times and no matter how often i download it it just doesn't work.
    this is the error that keeps occurring, i run macosx and i know that it is fully up to date.

    can someone help me to get teamspeak working?
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