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    Do not reconnect when the other provider is connected.

    I have 2 internet provider. 1 ISP is fast but is not stable and sometimes communication breaks.

    I have a router zyxel Keenetic DSL where there is an option to automatically connect to the provider who operates or reconnect to the employee.

    So if one died the Internet, the router connects different provider. On the computer (or in the games, torrent and etc.) online resumes and Teamspeak can not reconnect automatically when to automatic reconnection. Teamspeak is necessary to restart.

    It is very uncomfortable. Please correct.
    PS. Sorry for my English.

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    Well, it's not right!

    Seam, Viber, ICQ, etc. - The same program automatically reconnect and TS3 no. This is a bug!

    PS. I understand that Most people live in places where the excellent Internet. I live in the "ass" and I need 2 Internet service provider and would like to have auto-function worked fine.

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