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    Running 2 TS3 Servers on same VPS without license

    Hey, I am trying to run two separate TS3 servers (32 slot servers) on a VPS I had purchased. One is to be used for my actual community, the other I was going to have setup for a friend of mine that runs a clan unrelated to my community. I have already verified each server is working properly (started each separately, connected, set token, disconnected, shut down server) with no issues.

    They are running on port 9987 for one, and 9988 for the other, and I have verified this. However if both servers are running at same time, I can only connect to the first one that was started, and not the other. If I start the server on port 9987 first, I can only connect via port 9987, while if I start the other server on port 9988 first, I can only connect with port 9988. This seems kinda weird, and an explanation on why this is happening, and how to fix this would be appreciated.

    Please not that we do not have a website, so we do not qualify for the non-profit license that is free to get under certain eligibility criteria, that being one of them. We are trying to do this without having to pay for two separate VPS's / him buying his own server, as my community needs this VPS for our TS3, and other server we will be running on same box for a game we play.

    Thank you for any help / light you can shed on this.

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    Simple: Because you're not allowed to do this.

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    Could be because the query port (10011) and the file transfer port (30033) are trying to bind but the previous server is still running?

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    An unlicensed server will set some files within shared-mem (/dev/shm), so that it is not possible to start 2 unlicensed servers on the same host.

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