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    Privilige Key System

    Well, I'm new to these forums, tell me if I did something wrong

    I got a teamspeak 3 server and everytime a client joins, we have to manually give the permissions. It's comes unhandy since there will be times where there are no administrators on teamspeak.

    I've seen a system before where you can register on a forum, and when you finished registering, you receive a privilige key that gives you the member tag.

    My question ofcourse, how does that system work? If anybody could respond, I'd appreciate it.

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    That is very well possible. Some members of this community have developed frameworks for several programming languages, including PHP. With those, you should be able to establish a Query connection to the TeamSpeak server and generate a privilege key.
    You can find the "Integration" addons here:
    Please note that all addons are developed by our community. We do not provide any support for any addon, not do we guarantee that they work as intended or are safe to use.

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    I coded something like this using the php api made by planet teamspeak, you fill out a form and it creates a channel with a priv key,

    // create privilege key for channel group in spedific channel
    $key = $ts3_VirtualServer->channelGroupGetByName("Channel Owner")->privilegeKeyCreate($cid);

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