Since I updated to the latest version (3.0.17), I can't use one of my hotkeys anymore. I disabled the useless CAPS LOCK key in the Windows 7 registry. I did it, because I needed a key to enable/disable my microphone, without triggering the originally key function. The CAPS LOCK key doesn't switch the capitalization/uncapitalization but I was able to use this key as hotkey in Teamspeak! That was awesome and very convenient.

As I wrote above, this key can't be used anymore. I tried to remap the hotkey after the update, without success. What's the reason? Can you fix this? As gamer, it's not easy to find a hotkey which works in games (that's not used for other actions) and don't trigger a function in Windows, when I left the game and want to activate/deativate the mic.

So the previous version was a lot better for me. It's a pity. Sorry for my english, I'm german.