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    Text to Speech english / install costum?


    I just bought The app, I like it, and use TS a lot for my Guild.

    On windows I use Test to speech because I then know who connecting, switching channel or leaving, also got it on Ios but only in German and as Dutch guy that never learned a single word of german its totaly useless

    Is there a way to intergrate windows Text to speech to Ios version? or is there a other way to get english Text to speech version instead of german ones.

    I tried to search it on this forum part but I can not find any answeres.


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    On iOS there is no way to install custom sound packs.

    The language German or English for the TTS sound package depends on your iOS Device default language.
    Set it to English (UK) or English to get the english version of the TTS pack.
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    Then i suggest you guy make a change so people can choose english version, i got my langauge on my native wich is dutch and to change my hole ios for 1 option in 1 app is a bit silly, change it so we can chose what pack we want not based on your langauge you use on your ios.

    Thanks for the replye anyway.

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